About Us


Rick & Diana Roof founded Eye of the Needle Ministries in 2009 with a desire to reach those lost and often ignored due to their success. The Roofs had been blessed (and cursed) by worldly success and through their life experiences, developed a hurting for those seeking the world’s treasures. Rick was a successful corporate executive and entrepreneur when he found true success in following Jesus Christ. He continues to work in corporate leadership, is a graduate of Liberty Seminary, a practicing life coach and speaker, a Certified Chaplain, a member of American Association of Christian Counselors and the Christian Coaching Alliance. Diana has a broad, rich career and social connection with those that Eye of the Needle Ministries seeks to serve. She has been a disciple of Christ for decades, is active in ministering to the lost and hurting, and continues to effectively expand the relationships and network reach of Eye of the Needle Ministries.