What We Do

As we seek to fulfill our calling, our ministry seeks to work broadly, creatively, and diligently through a variety of outreaches and tools. In broad terms:

  • Share the Good News of Jesus Christ and Make disciples in every way we can.
  • Create Books, Videos, Blogs, and other materials that share the Gospel directly and disciple others to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Present Evangelism Training with focus on reaching the “successful sheep”
  • Provide directories and reviews of resources for both those seeking to know Jesus and those seeking to share Jesus.
  • Offer messages for churches, business gatherings, Christian leadership events, and other appropriate venues 
  • Develop relationships and networks to earn opportunities to share the Gospel and demonstrate God’s love.
  • Minister both practically and spiritually, directly or in partnership with churches to those in need and especially the successful. We will seek to be the Good News so we can share the Good News.
  • Create community through connecting seekers and evangelists using contemporary (social networking, blogs) and traditional (organizations, chaplaincy, publishing) approaches.